If you would like to earn some extra money & more importantly be a vital part of the Swoove family then please see our instructor training page on www.swoovefitness.com.

Please note that all the choreography for all the classes is given to you every term so all you need to do is download the music, learn the moves and lyrics and add your own cheeky personality to it!

Charity is at the very heart of Swoove so all instructors will be expected to run charity events at least once a year for their local charities.

Here is a breakdown of all the 9 different Swoove classes and what is expected of the instructors:

Swoove Mumma – 45 mins, term time only. For pregnant ladies (and daddies to be!).  This class is suitable for an instructor that has had a baby or has experience with “wee ones”.  It’s a gorgeous class as you get to witness blooming mumma’s bonding with their bumps and keep them fit at the same time!  It’s advantageous if you can hold a tune and can dance (yes at the same time!).  This is for someone that has a kind heart, a good listening ear and a nurturing nature.  This will be run as an hours class with “chat” time 15 minutes before the session starts.

Swoove Baby – 45 mins, term time only.  From birth – 1 years with new mummas (and daddies!). This will probably be broken down into two courses; birth – 6 months and 6 months – 1 year.  The instructor ideally will have a midwifery background or experience with new babies (either with their own or other babes!).  They will have a sensitive, caring and fun approach to teaching Swoove.  The instructor will pass on tips and advice through singing and dancing, on how to get the baby to sleep (especially helpful if the baby is nocturnal!).  This will be run as an hours class with “chat” time 15 minutes before the session starts.

Swoove Mini – 30 minutes, term time only.  From 1 – 4 years.  Ideally this will be taught by Nursery Leaders or co Nursery workers.  A lovely 30 minute session of singing (maybe more shouting!) and dancing (maybe more wiggling!).  A great introduction to the world of fitness and making it fun is the way to do it with these mini Swoovers!  The Nursery can use Swoove as a selling point to potential customers and their little ones. This can be adapted if the nursery doesn’t have a huge space to run the class in.  This will probably need two instructors leading the session, both with a lot of enthusiasm!  This will be run as an hours class with play time 15 minutes either side of the session.

Swoove Junior – 45 minutes, term time only.  From 4 – 6 years.  This would be a great opportunity for a Teaching Assistant, parent or Teacher to lead.  This could add another dimension to the schools extra curricular activity timetable…..and maybe be an exciting conversation piece with the Ofsted Inspectors?! (Sorry I mentioned the big “O”!!!).  This could also be run in a hall by a Swoove Fitness instructor that particularly engages with the young ones.  If the class is popular you may well want to have an assistant in order to help keep the class energised and “in control”!  I would suggest that parents don’t stay to watch the class, but at every half term you run a watching class and at the end of every term you have a mini “show”…..reminding the parents that it is ultimately an exercise class and not a dance school!  (Parents to leave the children at this class).

Swoove Attitude – 45 minutes, term time only.  Attitude group one from 7 – 11 years and Attitude group two 12 – 14 years.  The instructor can choose to teach group one or two….or both! This is ideal for a parent of a child in this age bracket or a Teacher wanting to run after school clubs and to earn some extra money whilst doing so.  This needs to be someone that has A LOT of energy and can engage with 7 – 14 year olds…..someone that’s “down with the kidz (yes I just used a z instead of an s!!!).  It could also be run by a Swoove Fitness instructor that particularly likes teaching this age bracket.  A dancer that specialises in street dance would love teaching this!  If there are children with special needs then an assistant would be required.  Swoove is ALL inclusive so all needs will be looked after.  (Parents to leave the children at this class).

Swoove Mix – 1 hour, half terms only.  Any age. For parents, grand parents, carers, siblings to exercise together and to have fun at the same time.  This is an opportunity for term time only Swoove instructors to bump up their pay packets and run classes throughout the school holidays and half terms.  It’s a mix of all the Swoove classes….hence the name Swoove Mix!  This is perfect for instructors that have their own children as they can attend the class (childcare sorted!).

Swoove Fitness – 1 hour, all year round.  16 – 65 years (guide only).  This is the main exercise class and the original concept created by me, Esther Featherstone!  It’s an hours class of singing, whooping and moving and should enthrall and engage the young, old, male, female, coordinated….not so coordinated, fit, not so fit, the shy and the confident ones amongst us.  This is the class to get everyone “Swooving”!  The instructor should be a sunny, happy person who can hold a tune and dance.  Preferably a performer, but this isn’t essential.  Please remember that Swoove is about the community, it’s all inclusive, so I want the instructors to inspire, encourage and engage with the class.

Swoove Groove – 1 hour, all year round.  Over 65’s (guide only).  The instructor will probably take Swoove Fitness classes as well as Swoove Groove.  In my 5 years of teaching I have been asked many, many, many times about taking an easier class for the “wiser folk”!  Although it’s easier than Swoove Fitness it’s still an exercise and vocal class and should challenge the participants….aka the “Swoove Groovers”!  The instructor must be able to offer easier alternatives for people with injuries and any aches and pains, but not do it in a patronising way….60 is THE new 30!

Swoove X – 1 hour, all year round.  For the super fit!  The instructor that takes this class needs to be extremely fit.  Not only is it hard core tracks for the duration of the hour,  but they need to wear weights on the arms and legs (no easy task!).  They also need to be able to whoop and sing (a little!).  Although this is a very, very hard workout (upwards of 1,500 calories burnt in one session), Swoove X is still about having fun.  The instructor MUST have a sunny disposition and a cracking sense of humour!