esther-st-pauls-1Swoove© is the complete workout.

Singing, whooping & moving uses ALL the muscles in the body.

Singing alone can burn 150 – 200 calories an hour, depending on how loud & how much you sing.  It is also very good for the soul as everyone can sing (even if you don’t think you can!)  If you are particularly stressed there is nothing better than venting by singing, whooping & moving for an hour.  I can guarantee you will leave feeling uplifted…..& fitter!

Singing engages the abdominal muscles, so for the whole hour you are working the abs….and let’s be honest that beats doing press ups & plank!!!

Swoove Fitness will also increase your lung capacity.  Not only is singing wonderful for doing this, but so is exercising.  The breathing exercises we do at the beginning of the class as part of the warm up will help improve your lung capacity as will the Swooving you do in the rest of the class.

So the question that is probably easier to ask is what’s not beneficial about Swoove© – NOTHING!!!!