Swoove with Maria

“Love swoove! Maria is a fab teacher, very welcoming and puts you at ease. The music is great, routines generally easy to pick up and if you go wrong it really doesn’t matter as the atmosphere is very relaxed and everyone is lovely and not taken too seriously. Always feel in such a good mood after swoove! An added bonus is you can take your children, if their old enough they can join in😃”   — Leanne Perkins

Swoove with Esther

“Going to Swoove is so much fun!! Doesn’t feel like exercise but you get a really good all round workout. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Anyone can do it too, great for all levels of fitness. Recommend highly.”   — Maxine Pedliham

Swoove with Amy

“I’ve just started going to Amy’s Swoove classes and am loving it! Definately recommend to anyone wanting to do a fun class. So much fun to dance around and sing along and the best bit, I can exercise and take my baby along to watch! She rather enjoys it too! Happy baby, fit mummy, yay!” — Katie Hamilton

Swoove with Claire

Me and my megan love to swoove it become a mother daughter evening out we both have a fantastic time thank you Claire xx” — Joanne McLeod

Swoove with Anjna

“Had a great time, good fun, nice pace and an enjoyable way to work out 💃 Thanks Anjna.” — Pamela Whittaker

Swoove with Helen

“Swoove with Helen is amazing fun. What can be better than dancing to brilliant songs and singing along helps burn off an extra 200 calories. For anyone who hasn’t tried it come along, give it a go, meet Helen who is such a fun loving person and Swoove your socks off!” — Kim Collins

Swoove with Karleen

“Absolutely love Karleen’s Swoove classes – she is a brilliant instructor and always smiley Swoove stretch is amazing and has made such a difference to my joint pain. It’s also a great way to get rid of any stress and has definitely improved my core strength and flexibility!” — Tamsin Brunet

Swoove with Ellie

“Such fun! You have to come along and just let yourself go! Burn off so many calories. Sing out of key(or is that only me) and whoop to your hearts content. Great exercise, fantastic class x x.” — Liz Mew

Swoove with Nicola

“I was pretty dubious about Swoove, thought it was going to be a fairly ineffective exercise for me as I’m already pretty active. I was so pleasantly surprised! Great fun, high energy, a challenge to work out all the moves and as it’s the sort of class where “you get out what you put in” I was happily giving it my all and got a decent sweat going. I would totally recommend Swoove to anyone wanting to try a new, fun (yes really!) exercise! Thanks Nicola x.” — Karen South

Swoove with Tamsin

“Wow what a fantatsic class!! Swoove is the best way to have fun and get fit by singing, dancing and whooping! I would highly recommend swoove to anyone who wants to have a great time and meet lovely people whilst getting more active and healthy. Tamsin is a fantatsic instructor making everyone feel welcome. Can’t wait for my next swoove with Tamsin!” — Laura Wheeler

Swoove with Maria

“Swoove is a workout you would be crazy to overlook! It’s so much fun, loud and really addictive! I tend to burn around 600 calories and feel so energised when I finish. Maria is welcoming and really lovely, and everyone who goes to her classes are warm and friendly. Go on your own or with friends, it doesn’t matter as you’ll have a really good time and feel better for it!!” — Soraya Cottrell

Swoove with Esther

“I swooved for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it! I wish I lived locally or I’d be at every class I possibly could be. A fantastic mix of dance, upbeat music, singing, a bit of salsa thrown in, nods to boxing and exercise routines. It was a real hip hop, pumping, relentless routine and brilliant. Esther was inspiring. It made me feel happy just watching her beaming smile and attempting to follow the routines.A lovely class with friendly attendees and all women, although I gather men do go sometimes. Empowering and energising, I’ll be back.” — Emma James

“I have Swooved both as a ‘customer’ and am now an instructor. Swoove brightens up every day, it is the best pick me up I know – as well as keeping me fit! Esther is a brilliant teacher and mentor. I would recommend her classes without hesitation – and to become a Swoove instructor if you fancy a change of career!!”   — Amy Stuttle

“Swoove is so much fun you forget its a fitness class! Maria and everyone who attends the classes are lovely. I’m quite a self conscious person but I’ve never felt embarrassed and enjoy every minute. I’m always disappointed when the hour is up…but then I could always do a double class!”   — Fiona Attwater

“Really loving the new Swoove Stretch sessions, came out feeling 10 ft tall. A great start to Sunday”   — Michelle Harper

“Young or old, plump or thin
Swoove is the way, for keeping fit to begin
Ease yourself into, or go hammer & tong
Whatever your enthusiasm, it won’t be wrong
A lovely warm welcome from Maria will ensue
With her singing full pelt to all the great tunes!
”   — Kim Hepburn

“Swoove is amazing, never liked exercising but you never feel like you are. Great fun, great people. Maria is great, makes you feel welcome and supports through any difficulties. Couldn’t recommend it enough.”  — Zoe Norman

“The whole class goes by more quickly when you’re singing”  — Hilary, Haywards Heath

“I love the classes, It helps me de-stress from my day and feel energise, with great music, dance routines and whooping!”  — Anna, Haywards Heath

“Can always rely on swoove with Maria to cheer me up after a rubbish day.. I can sing, dance and burn calories all at the same time. Love, love, love it and Maria makes it fun and easy to follow. 100% recommend”  — Carly Leanne Mahal

“I have been attending Esther’s fitness classes for a number of years but her latest venture “Swoove Fitness” is just great. Dancing to lively music is such good fun. Now add in some singing and whooping whilst you move, and you simply forget you are exercising! Esther’s classes are energetic, fun, full of happiness and for everyone, young and old! I may not be the best dancer in the world and my singing isn’t always pitch perfect, but I can certainly move during “Swoove Fitness” classes. I enjoy it so much that I’m always ready to return for more excitement.”  —  Bev, Lindfield.

“I have Swooved with Maria since January 2018. The dance sequences are easy to follow and the music is fabulous! The sessions are always so much fun, helps to de-stress and with weight loss, leaving me feeling fitter, trimmer and happy!! Maria is a brilliant instructer and very welcoming to any newbies. I thoroughly recommend her classes!! Come along and join us, you will love it!!”  —  Poppy Petal.

“Exercising isn’t really my thing, but since Esther has been trialling Swoove, I am hooked.  Her infectious personality keeps me coming back for more.  I love singing & dancing & it’s such a good workout.  I come home from class absolutely pooped, but euphoric at the same time.  I’ve lost a stone since starting, toned up & feel so much fitter…….Swoove is brilliant”  —  Kay, Burgess Hill

“I love Swoove. It’s such good fun and very, very energetic. You get to burn a few hundred calories, while having a good laugh, what could be better. I’m not a great fan of boring cardio – maybe a run on the seafront from time to time – but this is in no way boring at all. Give it a go and go back and you’ll find the routines start to come naturally. Maria is great fun and is really welcoming. Classes are pay as you go and only £5, though the loyalty card makes it even better value. Go!”   — Liz Silvester

“Esther’s energy and enthusiasm is hugely infectious, making the classes thoroughly enjoyable every time. The song choices are classics so it’s easy to sing and whoop along to them, great for all levels of fitness and all ages. I can’t recommend Esther highly enough!”   — Louise, Haywards Heath

“I’ve been going to Swoove Strength and following a healthy eating plan since February. In that time I’ve lost over 2 stone and a total of 12.5 inches from my bust, waist and hips. I feel stronger and fitter than I’ve done in years – and Maria makes Swoove such fun and is so encouraging. She’s been brilliant at helping me begin my journey to fitness and every week I find myself able to do more. I’m so glad I found Swoove. I can’t imagine life without it now.”   — Lindsay Small

“A great exercise class! I love it as it is so much fun, where else do you spend an hour singing and smiling whilst burning calories? Maria is brilliant, I love the tunes and the fact younger people are welcome – in fact there is always a real mixture of people that attend (you dont have to be a super fitty to fit in!). Reasonably priced and the Ignite (in the dark) class is extra fun”   — Lorraine Bell

“Absolutely love my swoove classes ,Maria is a fantastic teacher who takes the class with such enthusiasm and fun,look forward to my Monday and Thursday classes feel great after them,there is always such a good atmosphere �”   — Julie Bishop

“Swoove has not only given me a fun and enjoyable way to exercise but has also built my confidence. Maria is a great instructor and made me feel welcome from the moment I first stepped through the door – try it for yourself, you won’t regret it!” — Jess Lakin

“Sometimes when I go to swoove I have so much fun that I worry I haven’t really done any exercise…. and then I notice that my top is soaked with sweat and realise I definitely HAVE! Maria is a fab instructor who is truly dedicated to making sure each and every one of us has a great time and a brilliant work out! Try it!!” — Siobhan Carter

“5 stars without a doubt. It’s a great class and lots of fun, would recommend it to everyone who loves to dance and sing. If I could go to more classes I would”   — Becky Gregg

“I love love love swoove! Who knew dancing could be such an amazing workout! Really easy to follow and lots of fun no matter what your age or ability! X”   — Emma Pike