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What does Swoove© mean?  To sing, whoop & move!

What is Swoove Fitness©?  A singalong exercise class.

How is it different to any other exercise class?  Vocalising burns calories and engages the abdominal muscles so why not make this the base of an exciting, fresh and most of all unadulterated fun exercise class.  On average we burn around 200 calories more and also increase lung capacity by using our vocals.  Each song is like doing 50 sit ups without ever doing one…whoohoo!  It really is as easy as that.  No gimmicks, just an hour that flies by…literally!  Oh and you don’t need to be able to sing, calories really don’t care that you’re in tune…phew I hear you say!

What to expect in class? The first ten minutes of the class concentrates on warming up the voices and the bodies.  The main bulk of the class is then back to back out of this world music that you just can’t help but Swoove to.  We mix it up with chart hit songs that you’re familiar with from 60’s through to the 90’s and throw in quite a few current anthems to make you feel down with the kidz!  (Yes we used a z!)  If you don’t have the breath to sing, then you whoop as this takes less effort, but you still burn more calories than being silent!  The moves are easy to follow so you don’t have to worry about not being able to multi task…plus if you go wrong you just remember that laughing for 3 minutes burns more calories than running for a mile!  There are no breaks inbetween songs as this means your heart rate doesn’t lower too much allowing for maximum exertion, however you can grab water whenever you like.  The class concludes with a 10 minute cool down (& yes singing & whooping stay in the building until the class has finished!)

There are  Swoove Fitness© classes for all ages & abilities, starting with Swoove Mumma© right through to Swoove Select©.

Please click on each different class for more information.


Swoove Fitness is proud to be in partnership with Sound Dynamics our audio partner in class.