“Singing and Whooping whilst dancing takes the excercise to a new level”   — Pete, Lindfield

“The whole class goes by more quickly when you’re singing”  — Hilary, Haywards Heath

 “I love the classes, It helps me de-stress from my day and feel energise, with great music, dance routines and whooping!”  — Anna, Haywards Heath

“I have been attending Esther’s fitness classes for a number of years but her latest venture “Swoove Fitness” is just great. Dancing to lively music is such good fun. Now add in some singing and whooping whilst you move, and you simply forget you are exercising! Esther’s classes are energetic, fun, full of happiness and for everyone, young and old! I may not be the best dancer in the world and my singing isn’t always pitch perfect, but I can certainly move during “Swoove Fitness” classes. I enjoy it so much that I’m always ready to return for more excitement.”  —  Bev, Lindfield.

“Exercising isn’t really my thing, but since Esther has been trialling Swoove, I am hooked.  Her infectious personality keeps me coming back for more.  I love singing & dancing & it’s such a good workout.  I come home from class absolutely pooped, but euphoric at the same time.  I’ve lost a stone since starting, toned up & feel so much fitter…….Swoove is brilliant”  —  Kay, Burgess Hill

“Esther’s energy and enthusiasm is hugely infectious, making the classes thoroughly enjoyable every time. The song choices are classics so it’s easy to sing and whoop along to them, great for all levels of fitness and all ages. I can’t recommend Esther highly enough!”   — Louise, Haywards Heath