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Hi, welcome to my Swoove with Karen page.

At school I was the girl that was always the last to be picked for any team at school in PE. A lack of co ordination and speed left me thinking that exercise and keeping fit just weren’t for me.

I had always enjoyed dancing and singing and in my 40’s discovered that I could combine my love of dancing and singing with keeping fit.

I now exercise 6 times a week and am fitter and healthier than I have ever been before in my life.

I have trained to be a Swoove instructor so that I can share my new found love of exercise. I have specialised as a Swoove Attitude instructor as I am passionate about getting young people fit and active, especially those for whom exercise is not a natural choice.

Karen x

My Classes

Swoove Attitude

Pop songs, musical theatre & film soundtracks will be the basis for Swoove© Attituders.  Learn the hottest street & dance moves along with “sick” (!) vocals.  This is a fab workout & a great way for your “Attituder” to make friends….it also gets them off any electronic device they may normally be glued to!

A 5 minute warm up will be followed by 30 minutes of singing, whooping & moving to the latest chart hits & popular songs.  The last 10 minutes of the class will be spent stretching those ever growing limbs – for boys in particular this can aid growing pains.

Parents will be invited to watch a class when it’s half term & a show at the end of each term.  The instructor will advise on these dates.

Suitable for 7-14 year olds

Class duration: 45 minutes, term time only

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