About Me

Hi, I’m Cat and I’ve been hooked on Swoove since I ventured into my first class with a friend!

I was made redundant from my office job in August 2020, and decided to set up my own company, offering character visits across the county, the same afternoon. Within a month Jingle Cat Visits was born!

It took me a little while to realise that Swoove Attitude sessions would be a perfect partner for my Jingle Cat business, and am now looking to offer Swoove Attitude, Swoove Life and Swoove Fitness.

Come and try it – you’ll love it! If you’re not brave enough to come alone then bring a friend or two along. You’ll be guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome!

Go on, see if you can whoop louder than me!

My Classes  

Check Facebook for the most up to date information, but my classes will so far be:


The Broadway United Church, 13 The Broadway, Broadway Mews, Eastbourne, BN22 0AS

Swoove Fitness 0915-1015


The Diplocks Hall, The Diplocks, Hailsham, BN27 3JY

Swoove Fitness 0930-1030

Woodingdean Community Centre, Warren  Road, Woodingdean, BN2 6BA

Swoove Fitness 1230-1330


The Arthur Easton Centre @ St Michael’s Hospice, Upper Maze Hill, St Leonards On Sea, TN38 0LB

Swoove Fitness 1830-1930


Contact me on cgb2903@hotmail.co.uk, or through my Facebook page with any Swoove Life, Attitude or party requests!

Contact Me

Email – cgb2903@hotmail.co.uk

Text or WhatsApp – 07843 947 383

Or through my Facebook page!

    Social media

    Facebook: http://https;//www.facebook.com/SwooveWithCat